What Will Personal Coaching Program With Nikhita Chavan Do For You?

Diagnose and give you a clear sense of exactly where you are in your professional and personal journey.

Equip you with required tools and train you to be prepared physically, emotionally and mentally for each and every challenge and Goal on your list.

What I Coaching You Will...

Identify limiting beliefs/ mental patterns coming in the way of your Goals and achievements.

Understand how to replace these beliefs with new powerful tools and strategies.

Be Guided with a step by step actionable plan to achieve your goals (health, money, career or relationships) faster

Gain confidence and raise your self esteem. Experience peace, fulfilment, direction and a sense of purpose in life

All Session are Through


Each One hour Duration

Ready to Take Next Steps?

If you’re ready to TAKE YOUR LIFE to the next level, it’s time to get started with a personal one to one COACHING session with Nikhita Chavan. You will be truly AMAZED at just how much is POSSIBLE for you with the RIGHT GUIDANCE and support.

For BEST RESULTS, we recommend you to START WITH ONE – MONTH COACHING Program, that consists of 3 ONE HOUR SESSIONS. One session held every 10 days.

Slots Full Until 7th May 2024

Bookings Now Available For 8th May Onwards

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